The Preacher by Dr Elaine Spencer
18 Feb 2024

Broadway Theatre, Catford

The Preacher - A Kaleo Production
The Preacher – A Kaleo Production
Things have always run a certain way at the Greater Love Church, but times are changing. The church is also evolving but with some resistance. Pastor Johnson has been running his church his way–the way of his father and grandfather before him–for decades, with his beloved wife, First Lady Claretta, at his side. He’s not embracing the new ways, although it seems he might not have a choice in the matter. Pastor Johnson’s health is failing, and it may be time to pass the reins of church leadership. 
His son, JJ, seems the logical choice, but JJ’s past indiscretions involving addiction and crime make him a less-than-ideal candidate. Not to mention JJ’s health issues as well as his utter lack of presence and competence on the pulpit. 
Pastor Johnson could very well choose his nephew, Darius. He’s charismatic and attuned to the people, but every suggestion he makes to improve the Church makes Pastor Johnson cringe. Take out the pews? Dim the lights—in the House of Light? 
What about a successor who isn’t related to him? Like Elder Roscoe, who essentially keeps the whole church up and running? Or Bro Ed, who had been saved from a life of debauchery by the Pastor decades before and now works as the janitor—but who, in many ways, is the soul and centre of the congregation? 
Whomever Pastor Johnson chooses will come with his dramas.  Whatever decision he makes is going to have consequences. Events will come to a head as dark secrets past and present are exposed. As the foundation cracks and everything Pastor Johnson has worked starts crumbling to the ground, can everything—and everyone—be saved?