Wolves on Road by Beru Tessema
9 Nov – 21 Dec 2024

Bush Theatre

Wolves on Road by Beru Tessema
Wolves on Road by Beru Tessema
“I think your son just made ten thousand pounds…” 
Manny dreams of being a big dog – but right now he’s hocking fake designer goods, living with his mum, and dealing with her new boyfriend. The glittery skyscrapers of Canary Wharf he sees out the window every day have never seemed so far away. 
But when his best friend offers him a way to make money faster than he could ever imagine, he pulls his whole family into a world that’s almost too good to be true. 
Wolves on Road is a thrilling deep-dive into the mysterious world of cryptocurrency, revealing how ambition and hope can be exploited, no matter the system at play. 
In a co-production with Tamasha, this fast, funny, and furious world premiere from Beru Tessema (House of Ife) is directed by Bush Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director, Daniel Bailey (Red Pitch, August in England).