Flip by Racheal Ofori
7-25 Nov 2023

Soho Theatre

Flip by Racheal Ofori
Flip by Racheal Ofori

How can we live our best authentic lives in a world of algorithms?

Meet Carleen and Crystal: influencers with cultural commentary that will have you in stitches. Love them or hate them, there’s no stopping their fast-growing online following.

Carleen has her reservations about their cyber personas, but she would follow Crystal anywhere…even to FLIP!, the new social media giant that has everyone hooked. For Carleen and Crystal, FLIP! is the answer to everything they’ve ever dreamed of. But at what cost?

This sharp satire from acclaimed writer Racheal Ofori asks how we can live our best authentic lives in a world of algorithms intent on proving just how disposable we all are…

Co-commissioned by Fuel and Soho Theatre, as part of Soho Six.

NEED TO KNOW: Flip plays at Soho Theatre from 7-25 Nov 2023 at Soho Theatre