Savanna Jeffrey Jack and the Beanstalk, Stratford East

Interview by: Christina Nicole
Published: Friday 08 December 2023, 11am

Interview by Christina Nicole
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Savanna Jeffrey (Winnie the Moo) trained at Italia Conti Academy (Acting) BA. Theatre includes Get Up Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical (Lyric Theatre), The Book of Mormon (The Prince of Wales Theatre) and Diego Garcia (Spotlight Theatre). Short film includes Injustice and Test (Role Film).

Jack and the Beanstalk @ Stratford East
Welcome to
Splatford! Jack lives here with his cow, Winnie The Moo, and his mum, Milky Linda. The town is home to a magical marsh full of healing mud, which Jack and his pals spend their days mining. But there’s a BIG problem: Giant Belch. He dominates Splatford from the sky – stealing the mud, charging outrageous rents and polluting the air with his burps and farts! 

One odd shepherd, a handful of beans and an unexpected beanstalk later, Jack is on a life-changing journey. Can he reach the top? Can he defeat Flesh Creep – Belch’s hateful henchwoman who has seriously got it in for him? Can he triumph over Belch and be crowned Splatford’s unlikely hero? And can he make Milky Linda proud? 

Stratford East pantos are full of original music, outrageous characters and famous for tearing up the rulebook and telling classic stories with a special Stratford East twist.

NEED TO KNOW:  Jack and the Beanstalk plays at Stratford East until 6 Jan 2024.

NEED TO KNOW: Jack and the Beanstalk plays at Stratford East until 6 Jan 2024. | See listing