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AGO Christmas Market 2010
Video footage courtesy of Jennifer Rock
AGO Christmas Market 2010 slideshow
Images courtesy of Mellz Photography

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Date: 04 December 2010
Time: 11:00 to 5:00pm
Venue: Oval House Theatre, 52 - 54 Kennington, Oval, London SE11 5SW
Cost: £3.00 entry includes £1 charitable donation to the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust [ACLT]
Info: (e) events@afridiziak.com
Download PDF: AGO XMAS 2010 flier
Download PDF: Download Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas 2010 post event press release
Download PDF: Download Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas 2010 press release

Listen to our jingle:

First annual Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas Shopping Extravaganza raises £120 for the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust

The festive season kicked off with the first annual Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas Shopping Extravaganza which was held on Saturday 4 December 2010 from 11am to 5pm at the Oval House Theatre in south-east London. This unique shopping event brought together top quality exhibitors who offered unique and affordable culturally inspired gifts not found on the shelves of local high street shops or department stores.

Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions finance and operations director, Deanne Rowe said: "Our Christmas market allowed us to bring like-minded businesses and consumers together and create a culturally inspired day. It was fun and positive, highlighting the need for such an event. Next year will be bigger and better and we appreciate the support and positive feedback received."

The family day gave shoppers the opportunity to pick up inspiring gifts which oozed creativity and in many cases that bespoke, handmade touch – and was a chance for people to get something a bit more personal and thoughtful for their loved ones and of course themselves.

Charity: We chose the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust [ACLT] as our official charity for 2010 and donated £120 - a third of proceeds taken on the day to them. The ACLT were present on the day and used the event as a donation recruitment drive. They also announced the raffle prize winners. Info: www.aclt.org

ACLT's co-founder and national development officer Beverley De-Gale, said: "Thank you on behalf of the ACLT for allowing us to be a part of the shopping extravaganza and for the funds raised to assist our life saving work. We successfully raised awareness of becoming donors and recruited members of the public to the three donor registries. We managed to recruit 24 potential bone marrow donors, 16 signed up to become blood donors and eight signed up as organ donors. Thank you to all your team and Lime magazine".

Sophia A Jackson, Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions communications director, said: "It was a blessed day filled with positive vibes and we would like to say a special thank you to our volunteers, friends and family and everyone who braved the cold and came out in their droves to shop and support the African-Caribbean businesses and of course our exhibitors for being part of this special day": Eclectic Food; Tempestra Lingerie; Lekan Partnership; Nubidollz; Qemamu Mosaics; Rise Books; My Lela; Evelyn Products; Ptah-Ra; Kayobi Clothing; Alexandra Galleries; Senga K Designs; Colour and Movement; Asase; Nerua Phut Accessories; Fawohodie Designs; African Greeting Cards; Yess Essentials; A Timeless Culture; Foroyaa African Crafts and Jewellery; Hair We Grow Natural 100%; Salongo Arts; Ashaki Cosmetics; Dee's Luxury Jamaican Cakes; Pebbles Wearable Art; Dainty Beads; Joli Create and AfroToys.

Event feedback

Melanie Brown: "The stall sellers were so nice with good vibes. It was a nice day out with a lot of class to it and good feelings with the mulled wine and goodie bags. Well done".

Risebooks: "The smell of mulled wine and the music set the scene and got everyone in the mood for the occasion. I enjoyed the day and it was buzzing all the way to the end. It was good to see some well known faces from the TV. The public came, which was the main thing, often you don't know how these things are going to turn out - so well done you, and your team".

Dee's Luxury Jamaican Cakes: "I enjoyed the event - such a great mood with fabulous music".

Evelyn Products: "Many thanks for Saturday. Great energy, creativity and warm people".

Senga Designs: "Thanks so much for organising the Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas Market. You have a great team. Well done. The music by DJ Sofire, Sofine was on point, all day long not one off key record".

Pebbles Wearable Art: "Thanks to you and all your staff for the energy you have put out to make the event succeed".

To keep the occasion in the spirit of Christmas, we created a day that left everyone feeling festive and in the mood for giving. The festive shopping experience included a serving of warm mulled wine and Christmas cake on arrival made by our official caterer, Eclectic Food. Throughout the day DJ Sofire, Sofine kept the atmosphere buzzing with her on point tune selection. To mark this festive occasion, Christmas Carols were beautifully sung with gusto by the remarkable Battersea Seventh-day Adventist Church Praise Choir.

Photography by Mella Binns: Sponsors and partner organisations: We would like to say a big thank you to the following organisations: Afridiziak Theatre News; Lime magazine; African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust; Battersea Seven Day Adventist Praise Choir and Eclectic Food. Goodie bags sponsors: Creme of Nature; Organic Root Stimulator and KeraCare. Thank you also to everyone who donated raffle prizes for our charity raffle.

Note to editors
  1. For press enquiries – interviews with the founders of Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions; logos and images please contact Sophia A Jackson on sophia@afridiziak.com.

  2. Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions was launched in September 2010 by Deanne Rowe and Sophia A Jackson. We are all about unique gifts which are culturally inspired by African-Caribbean culture and we support entrepreneurs in getting their goods and services to a wider audience.

  3. Info: www.afridiziak.com/xmas2010

Exhibitor Directory

If you are interested in being a stall holder, please e-mail Sophia A Jackson on sophia@afridiziak.com

We are pleased that the following organisations and exhibitors will be joining us at the first annual Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas shopping extravaganza:

African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust [ACLT]
Charity: Help us to create a better future for people with leukaemia and other blood-related cancers.
Donor Drive: on the day visit the ACLT who will be recruiting and registering potential donors. Find out what's involved here
Info: www.aclt.org

Eclectic Food
Food: Official Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions caterer
Info: www.eclecticfood.com

Tempestra Lingerie
Clothing: Lingerie; hosiery; bras; knickers; underwear and accessories.
Info: www.tempestra.co.uk

Lekan Partnership
Body and Accessories: Handmade leather/material/kente bags, unrefined Shea butter and homemade Shea butter products, African print head wraps, unique jewellery sets and accessories.
Info: www.lekan.co.uk

Cakes by Theo
Food: Christmas inspired cupcakes and pastries
Info: www.cakesbytheo.com

NubiDollz and FunFab Face Painting
Toys: Specialist in black dolls - at NubiDollz we celebrate children of colour and all that they can be, that is why we stock products that help to instil a sense of pride, power and possibility in our children.
Info: www.nubidollz.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nubidollz

Qemamu Mosaics
Home: Mosaic artist promoting African-inspired mosaics which will enhance your home, office, shop or even your garden.
Info: www.qemamumosaics.com

Rise Books
Educational/cultural: Children's books, posters, miniature carvings/sculptures
Info: www.risebooks.com

My Lela
Children's Accessories: Character backpacks and shoulder bags aimed at children of African and Caribbean descent.
Info: www.mylela.com

Evelyn Products
Body: A selection of natural hair products designed for natural afro hair from their women's and men's range
Info: www.evelynproducts.com

Gifts and occasions: Handmade cards, handmade jewellery and candles
Info: www.ptahrashandmadecards.co.uk

Kayobi Clothing
Clothing: Kayobi - pronounced (K – OW – B) is an apparel and accessories company created to tell the African story and that of the Diaspora through positive, vibrant and thought provoking imagery. Selling African Inspired t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies
Info: www.kayobiclothing.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kayobiclothing

Alexandra Galleries
Art: Framed and unframed black art, prints and cards
Info: www.alexandragalleries.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Artdevotee

Senga K. Design
Accessories: handmade funky bags, made from recycled leather/afro print/denim, handmade funky jewels, contemporary easy to wear Afro print clothing and many other
Info: www.wix.com/agneskuye/senga-k-designs

Colour and Movement
Various/ Gifts and Occasions: fine art prints, cards, wrapping paper and small gifts.
Info: www.pepperstorm.co.uk / www.movementandcolour.blogspot.com  

Hair: Premium hair care, made from plants.
Info: www.myasase.com

Nerua Phut Accessories
Accessories: handmade jewellery, accessories and garments
Info: www.neruaphut.com

Fawohodie Designs
Clothing: Men's and women's African print

African Greeting Cards
Various: African Christmas cards and natural beauty cosmetics
Info: www.africangreetingcards.net / www.tamunatural.co.uk

Yess Essentials
Body: Yess Essentials Natural Skincare Products
Info: www.yessessentials.com

A Timeless Culture
Accessories: handmade bags/slippers and jewellery
Info: www.atimelessculture.com

Foroyaa African Crafts and Jewellery
Accessories / Home: Teak and mahogany carvings, bowls, statues, leather bags, traditional material laptop covers, authentic wooden, cowhorn and fishbone jewellery.
Info: tbc

Hair We Grow Natural 100%
Hair: A range of products Hairdress and Spritz's in two different sizes for each.
Info: www.hairwegrownatural.com

Salongo Arts
Art: Original, handmade 2D and 3D sculptural ceramics, printed textile panels, framed images, and cards.
Info: tbc

Ashaki Cosmetics
Body: We retail organic and natural skin care products using the finest ethically sourced ingredients. We will be selling a collection of organic creams, lotions and balms.
Info: tbc

Dee's Luxury Jamaican Rum Cakes
Food: Gift boxed Jamaican rum cakes; sold by the slice and also free samples.
Info: tbc

Pebbles Wearable Art
Clothing: authentic, tie dye, unique clothing that maintain the uniqueness of African fashion
Info: www.pebbleswearable.com

Dainty Beads
Accessories: Jewellery
Info: daintybeads@hotmail.co.uk

Joli Create
Home: handmade arts and crafts specialists - greeting cards; crockery; houseware; artwork; candles; murals; cushion covers; poetry.
Info: www.jolicreate.com

Afro Toys
Ethnic toys: multicultural and educational toys and products
Info: www.afrotoys.com

Sponsors and Partners

Official Media Partner
Lime Magazine
Official Caterer
Eclectic Food
Official Charity
African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust
Official DJ
Sofire Sofine
Official Partner
Afridiziak's Theatre News
Official Choir
Battersea SDA Praise Choir
Goodie Bag Sponsor
Goodie Bag Sponsor
Roots Organic
Goodie Bag Sponsor
Creme of Nature
Official Photographer
Mella Binns

About us

Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions was launched in September 2010 by Deanne Rowe and Sophia A Jackson. We are all about unique gifts which are culturally inspired by African-Caribbean culture and we support entrepreneurs in getting their goods and services to a wider audience.

our contacts
Sophia Jackson
(e) sophia@afridiziak.com
(m) +44 7855 86 77 78
Deanne Rowe
(e) deanne@afridiziak.com
General Enquiries
(e) events@afridiziak.com
Web: www.afridiziak.com/xmas2010
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cultural_gifts
Official Charity: ACLT/Raffle Prizes

Raffle prizes for the Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Official Charity:
African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust

This year's official Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions charity is the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust [ACLT].

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to individuals and organisations who have generously donated items to our charity raffle.

As part of the £3 admission cost to the Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas shopping extravaganza taking place on 4 December 2010, £1 will be donated to the ACLT – this is the equivalent of a raffle ticket.
Raffle tickets will also be sold during the day for £1 and the prize draw announced at 4pm by the ACLT team.

About the ACLT – promoting bone marrow and blood donation

The ACLT was established in June 1996 by Beverly De-Gale and Orin Lewis, the parents of Daniel De-Gale. When the charity was initially set up, Daniel had already been suffering from Leukaemia for three years. Daniel's parents were informed that his only hope of survival was to receive a bone marrow transplant. Due to the fact that bone marrow contains racially specific characteristics, the compatible donor for Daniel could only be found within the black or mixed race population.

At the time when the shattering news was revealed, there were just 550 black or mixed race people on the UK bone marrow registers. The Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital who was responsible for Daniel informed the parents that there was just an approx. 1 in 250,000 chance of Daniel finding a compatible donor.

Info: www.aclt.org

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: Cakes by Theo are donating a box of cupcakes
    Info: www.cakesbytheo.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: The LEKAN Partnership are donating Shea body smothers presented in three different essential aromas
    Info: www.thecalabashhub.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: Nubidollz are donating a doll
    Info: www.nubidollz.co.uk

  • AGO2010 EXHIBITOR: Tempestra Lingerie are donating a set of women's nightwear
    Info: www.tempestra.co.uk

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: Rise Books will be donating a book
    Info: www.risebooks.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: My Lela will be donating a Lela backpack.
    Info: www.mylela.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: Qemamu Mosaics will be donating a mosaic.
    Info: www.qemamumosaics.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: Nature's Gift Products will be donating soap.
    Info: naturesgiftproducts@gmail.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: Ptah-Ra's Handmade Cards will be donating a necklace from their handmade jewellery range.
    Info: www.ptahrashandmadecards.co.uk

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: Evelyn Products will be donating a Christmas gift box.
    Info: www.evelynproducts.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: KOYOBI CLOTHING will be donating a tee-shirt.
    Info: www.kayobiclothing.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: ALEXANDRA GALLERIES will be donating a framed picture
    Info: www.alexandragalleries.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: NERUA PHUT ACCESSORIES will be donating a set of earrings and a hair clip
    Info: www.neruaphut.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: ASASE will be donating an Asase Christmas goodie box.
    Info: www.myasase.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: COLOUR AND MOVEMENT will be donating a pack of cards.
    Info: www.movementandcolour.blogspot.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: FAWOHODIE DESIGNS will be donating an accessory piece.

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: HAIR WE GO NATURAL 100% will be donating a raffle bag.
    Info: www.hairwegrownatural.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: SALONGO ARTS will donate something on the day.

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: ASHAKI COSMETICS will donate a May Chang Body Butter, Neroli Rose Light Lotion and natural deodorant.

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: JOLI CREATE will donate a handmade mug and bowl set
    Info: www.jolicreate.com

  • AGO 2010 EXHIBITOR: AFRO TOYS will donate something from the range of multicultural educational toys and products

  • Philip Kingsley have donated a selection of products from their hair care range.
    Info: www.philipkingsley.com

  • Picturehouse Cinemas have donated 10 pairs of tickets for 10 lucky winners to see any film of their choice at any Picturehouse Cinema within the next 6 months.
    Info: www.picturehouses.co.uk

  • BOOK: Malcolm X: Visits Abroad April 1964 - February 1965 by Marika Sherwood
    Info: savannahpress@phonecoop.coop