Aint I A Woman?
10 – 20 Jul 2024

Tower Theatre

Aint I A Woman?
Aint I A Woman?
“No black woman writer in this culture can write “too much”. Indeed, no woman writer can write “too much”…
No woman has ever written enough.” ― bell hooks 2037: The Burden of representation weighs heavily on Fin as she faces an invidious choice: self over cause? Nicki Takes A Breath and prepares to pander to a lazy trope as this will open doors for her…or not?…..
Will Ngozi actually resort to self-inflicted grievous bodily harm and succumb to the physical and metaphysical “whitewashing” promulgated by Changing Rays?  Mary, Queen of Thots optimistically ventures into digital dating….the perfect antidote for her self-loathing and depression….meanwhile, Tiwa exposes the insidious impact of the economic crisis on her world and wonders why we are not all In Conversation about this or don’t we care…? 
From a London casting room to a dystopian future, a sci-fi mystery to a TV studio, women tell their different stories, sharing their perspectives of being black and female in contemporary Britain …
Produced by Landé Belo.

Directors: Landé BeloSara Amanda and Beverly Andrews.