cheeky little brown
21 Sep to 3 Nov 2023

Regional Tour

cheeky little boy
cheeky little boy

How do you break up with your best friend?

Meet Lady, a determined sharp-tongued charmer who loves her best friend Gemma as much as she loves a late-night kebab. It’s Gemma’s birthday party. The two haven’t seen each other for six months.

cheeky little brown, by the Papatango Prize-winning playwright Nkenna Akunna (Some of Us Exist in the Future), is a failed night out, a musical, a show about heartbreak and queerness, taking place on a journey through the city Lady calls home.

With original songs, this coming-of-age story examines a friendship between two Black women, on diverging paths of self-love and acceptance.

A tiata fahodzi, Belgrade Theatre & Bristol Old Vic co-production.