As You Like It by William Shakespeare
18 Aug – 29 Oct

Shakespeare's Globe

- As You Like It, Shakespeare’s Globe
– As You Like It, Shakespeare’s Globe

Come with us on a transformative adventure and celebrate love, friendship and freedom in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, in the Globe Theatre from 18 August.

In the court of Duke Frederick, division and distrust are rife. When Rosalind is banished, she runs away with her cousin Celia to the Forest of Arden. No longer governed by the court’s strict rules, they take the opportunity to explore new identities and find that the forest is a place where the possibilities for love and connection are infinite.

In this ancient community of nature, unexpected friendships are forged, curious minds meet, bitter enemies reconcile, and strangers fall in love. So meet us in our wooden ‘O’ and who knows what – or who – you might find?

Following 2017’s ‘superb’ ★★★★★ (WhatsOnStageOthello in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Director Ellen McDougall debuts in the Globe with Shakespeare’s joyous comedy.

NEED TO KNOW: As You Like It plays at Shakespeare’s Globe from 18 Aug to 29 Oct 2023 | #AsYouLikeIt