RADA announces the appointment of David Harewood as president and Cynthia Erivo as Vice President

Words: Sophia A Jackson
Published: Friday 16th February 2024, 1:45pm

RADA - David Harewood, Cynthia Erivo - photo by Helen Murray
RADA – David Harewood, Cynthia Erivo – photo by Helen Murray
After 9 years as President of RADA, Kenneth Branagh today steps down from the role and is succeeded by RADA graduates David Harewood in the role of President and Cynthia Erivo in the role of Vice President. Both assume their new roles immediately.
The Honorary President and Vice President of RADA embody the values and the excellence of the academy. As well as being  symbolic and ambassadorial positions these roles  actively support RADA, the students, the faculty, and the wider RADA family through contributions to the academy, advocacy and raising awareness of our work.

Kenneth Branagh said: “It has been a privilege to serve RADA, and it is a thrill to welcome the brilliant David Harewood and Cynthia Erivo to their new roles at the academy. My congratulations and gratitude for the partnership of these exceptional talents helping to shape RADA’s exciting future, and my profound thanks to the Academy’s remarkable staff and students from whom I have learned so much.”

Cynthia Erivo said: “I am thrilled to be joining David and the whole team at RADA as the Academy’s Vice President. Having trained at the academy, I am acutely aware of how important a strong support system is; when it comes to education in the arts, it is by no means easy. I have been lucky enough to spend some time with the students at RADA, teaching and the lessons have been enlightening, heartwarming and heartbreaking, all at once. I’m excited to be able to spend more time with them, helping them along their path, to their careers in the outside world. My hope is that I can play a valuable role in strengthening the new talent of tomorrow.”

David Harewood said: “ I am extremely delighted to be stepping into the role of President of RADA alongside the wonderful Cynthia Erivo. As a former student at RADA and somebody who has enjoyed both the highs and experienced the lows of this industry, I feel I am ideally placed to help these young people navigate the sometimes difficult path from students to professionals, by bringing all the knowledge and experience I’ve learnt over a 30 year career. I very much look forward to beginning this new journey and playing a small role in influencing so many young and talented individuals.”