Michael Ahomka-Lindsay and Nadine Higgin | Legally Blonde

Interview by: Sophia Jackson
Published: Thursday, 26th May 2022, 8am

Omigod you guys, meet fashion merchandising major Elle Woods (Courtney Bowman) and her college sweetheart Warner Huntington III (Alistair Toovey). Popular, stylish, they have the perfect relationship. That is until Warner heads to Harvard Law School and decides that he needs a more ‘serious’ kind of girlfriend.

Dumped, Elle embarks on a drastic plan to win him back. But, on the way, she discovers that there’s more to love – and definitely Elle Woods – than meets the eye. Directed by Lucy Moss, co-writer and co-director of the smash-hit musical SIX, it’s time to bend and snap, people!

NEED TO KNOW: Legally Blonde is at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre from 13 May to 2 July 2022 | Read cast announcement