Ewa Dina and Sarah Jordan Verghese | We Rise

Interview by: Christina Nicole
Published: Monday 16th January 2023, 7:30pm

Nouveau Riche and Paines Plough presents We Rise

A new series of short films, shining a light on how to manoeuvre, cope and self-care against racism in the theatre sector.

Nouveau Riche and Paines Plough have announced We Rise, a free five-part series of short films shining a light on how to manoeuvre, cope and self-care against racism in the theatre sector. The films will be released weekly and readily available to everyone on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook with the first episode airing on Wednesday 16 November. The trailer can be viewed here.

What are the realities of working in theatre as a person of colour? How do you pitch yourself? And what can theatre-makers of colour do to nurture the next generation of creatives?

Directed by Nick Virk, the films will feature voices from Nouveau Riche sharing their experience and advice on how people of colour can succeed in the industry, tips and tricks on the pathways available to you, pitching new work, touring your work, and what hopes we have for the future.

The films feature Ryan Calais Cameron (Artistic Director of Nouveau Riche), Ewa Dina (Actor and Director), Cal-I Jonel (Actor and Director) and Sarah Jordan Verghese (Producer for Nouveau Riche).

Each episode will focus on a specific element of working in the theatre industry:

Episode 1: The Realities
What is it like being a person of colour in the theatre sector?
What are the realities?
How is the industry embracing people of colour?
Why is now a great time to be making art?

Episode 2: Pitching the work
How to pitch new work
How to pitch yourself as a creative
What are producers looking for?

Episode 3: Storytelling
What stories is the industry looking for?
What to do if you feel your stories are underrepresented.
Telling stories that exist outside of your identity

Episode 4: Sharing the work
What is it like touring?
Why is it important to tour your work?
What is the experience of touring to Edinburgh Fringe?
How to cope with touring for long periods of time.
Why it’s important to have diverse teams both on the stage and behind the scenes.

Episode 5: Hopes for the future
What needs to change?
What hopes do you have for the industry?
How can the industry cultivate and nurture theatremakers of colour?
How do we bring audiences of colour to the theatre?
What can theatremakers of colour do to support a new generation of creatives from their communities?

NEED TO KNOW: The Paines Plough and Nouveau Riche We Rise YouTube series is available to watch now in full.