Danny Lee Wynter – interview

Royal Court Theatre
Interview by: Christina Nicole
Published: Wednesday 05 April 2023, 7:30pm

No one. No dark knight in shining armour. Went through all my twenties thinking ‘don’t worry he’ll come.’ I’m almost forty now, and he still hasn’t, has he?”

David is in love with King. But King is a superhero.  

After an unexpected encounter, David plunges himself into a world of sex, drugs and hero worship in the hope of being rescued, until fantasy and reality merge with devastating consequences.  

Danny Lee Wynter’s debut play, directed by Daniel Evans, is a brutal, unflinching and funny portrait of one man’s life spiralling out of control, in an age where our idols are Kings and our superheroes Gods.

NEED TO KNOW: Black Superhero plays at the Royal Court until 29 April 2023 | See listing