Breakin' Convention presents...
Pierre Rigal's Scandale
Sadler’s Wells 5 & 6 Sept 2018

Pierre Rigal’s hip hop show Scandale © Pierre Grosbois Pierre Rigal’s hip hop show Scandale © Pierre Grosbois

The beginnings of choreography are investigated in a shamanic piece by French choreographer Pierre Rigal in Scandale, which has its UK premiere Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 September at Sadler’s Wells. Scandale combines six agile hip hop dancers and a musician to allow rhythm, sound and music to come together as one to ask “is Music or Movement the Mother of Dance?” This is the debut of Breakin’ Convention Presents…, a new initiative launched in Breakin’ Convention’s 15th anniversary year, presenting feature-length works at Sadler’s Wells.

The schedule is hand-picked and specially curated to showcase the world’s most elite dance companies and their cutting edge, challenging and inspiring works. Set against a simple backdrop, the Scandale soundtrack ranges between extremes, from ambient chamber music to electronic sound effects. Simultaneously, words, cries and scandalous chants exert energy, as what begins as chaos slowly transforms into organised choreography and becomes a hip hop spectacle. Scandale stars dancers Steve ‘Steve Lelong’ Kamseu, Camille ‘Kami’ Regneault, Julien ‘Bee-D’ Saint-Maximin and members of Yeah Yellow, as seen on the Breakin’ Convention Luxembourg and USA tour in 2017, as well as at Sadler’s Wells Sampled 2018. Choreographer Pierre Rigal previously presented work at the Breakin’ Convention festival in 2011.

Breakin’ Convention Artistic Director Jonzi D said: “We started Breakin’ Convention Presents... to accommodate and showcase the excellent full length works created by hip hop crews, both around the world, and around the corner from Sadler’s Wells. We welcome the vision of contemporary choreographers who are excited by the possibilities Press Release Sadler’s Wells, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4TN of street dance forms, as well as providing platforms to grassroots hip hop theatre makers. “The festival of Breakin’ Convention showcases the latest in hip hop dance theatre development. In our earlier years, we would finish with a piece of epic proportions that would last up to an hour long. Franck II Louise, Membros, and Compagnie Revolution are examples of amazing full length works that we believe had the quality to stand on their own. This has inspired us to work with artists to create full-length work for Breakin’ Convention Presents...

Info: Pierre Rigal's Scandale is at Sadler’s Wells, EC1R 4TN on 5 & 6 Sept 2018 | book tickets

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