The Oreo Complex
by Isaac Ouro-Gnao
Rich Mix
7 Oct 2018

The Oreo Complex The Oreo Complex

Do you like Oreos? What do you like about them? 'The white filling.' Do you like Black people? What do you like about them? 'The white filling.’

Isaac Ouro-Gnao takes a closer look at the 'Oreo' label - Black on the outside White on the inside. A label used to describe people of Black or Black mixed heritage. But do we truly accept and understand what being 'white on the inside' means? Is this sentiment always innocent? Or has discrimination found a fun and tasty disguise in food?

The Oreo Complex experience an installation of hip hop theatre and visual art uncovers the nuances begind the 'Oreo' label and the ever-evolving image of Black identity in the UK. *The R&D of The Oreo Complex was commissioned & supported by Artists4Artists and Redbridge Drama Centre

Info: The Oreo Complex by Isaac Ouro-Gnao is at Rich Mix on 7 Oct 2018 | Book tickets

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