Everything I Am
By Natasha Simone
Camden People’s Theatre
2-5 Oct 2018

Everything I Am by Natasha Simone (c) Ali Wright Everything I Am by Natasha Simone (c) Ali Wright

It’s weird when the marginalised marginalises. Tash is black. Tash is queer. Tash is a woman. All at the same time. She’s also silenced. A lot. Usually by straight white men. But sometimes she’s silenced by the very people she identifies with the most. Things are about to change though. She just needs to find her voice. Why not take cues from the master of speaking their mind – Kanye West?

Everything I Am is a hilarious and captivating exploration of self-discovery identity power and belonging.

Info: Everything I Am is at Camden People’s Theatre 58-60 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2PY from 2 to 5 Oct 2018, 7.15pm | Book tickets #EverythingIAm

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