29 Oct - 22 Nov
Intermission Theatre presents Taming Who?

Intermission Theatre presents Taming Who Intermission Theatre presents Taming Who?

It’s Fresher’s week at Uni, and Petruchio arrives on campus full of excitement with his younger brother Grumio.

However, an unexpected call from their Dad quickly turns them into despair: he wants them to come and live with him in Nigeria as there is no one to look after them in London. In a moment of panic Petruchio tells his Dad that he is married. Surprisingly contented by the news, Dad allows them to stay, but will travel to London to meet her…

Petruchio has three days to find a wife!

He is introduced to Katherine: the headstrong, obdurate, and eponymous shrew. Never one to turn down a challenge, Petruchio vows to woo her, but is this one challenge too far.

Info: Intermission Theatre's Taming Who runs from 29 October to 22 November 2014, 7.30pm at St Saviour's Church, Walton Place, London SW3 1SA | Book tickets

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