26 Oct - 9th Nov 2014
Dolly House by Oliver Samuels
On tour

Dolly House by Oliver Samuels Dolly House by Oliver Samuels

OLIVER SAMUELS CELEBRATES HIS 65TH BIRTHDAY WITH THE UK 2014 TOUR OF HIS BEST PRODUCTION YET! HIS HYSTERICALLY FUNNY PLAY ‘’DOLLY HOUSE ‘’! The Play Dolly House, is a wonderful mix of Jamaica’s favourite topics; politics, power, intimacy, race, class, mistrust and betrayal, all co-mingled into one hilarious comedy with the belly cramping humour that only Oliver Samuels can produce. It is well documented that Embassy Saga, his previous production, is one of the funniest plays in the history of Jamaican theatre and when asked how Dolly House measured up, Oliver replied,“Unu jus nuh see nutten yet.”

Dolly House; starring Oliver Samuels ; along with the most powerful cast available in Caribbean theatre today, Audrey Reid, Dennis Titus and Ruth Ho Shing, creates another blockbuster depicting the crazy drama, unavoidable tragedies and constant comedy that occur daily in multi-dwelling structures in Jamaica; commonly known as Tenement Yards. Tenants include a middle aged Chinese woman whose hormones seem larger than her mouth; a young dreadlocks man who carries five phones and has about six different names; a Higgler who insists that her constantly overdue rent for her one room and shared bathroom is due to her, finishing up her 4 story mansion in the hills. Finally; two bad men who “just nuh into the rent paying ting.” Insanity you think? As Oliver said– you ain’t seen nothing yet! “

Info: Dolly House by Oliver Samuels is on tour from 26 October 2014

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