18 October 2014
Afropolitan Storytelling – Redefining Black Music Theatre

Afropolitan Storytelling – Redefining Black Music Theatre Afropolitan Storytelling – Redefining Black Music Theatre

Three prolific International theatre-makers, writer Oladipo Agboluaje, South African theatre director Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom and composer Felix Cross MBE, are set to unleash a first-look at their new musical, a love-story that aims to ‘infuse British music-theatre with diverse African influences’ (Cross), at Afrovibes 2014.

Multimedia introductions by each artist - sharing their creative journeys and illustrious careers to date - will precede extracts of the new musical performed by cast members of Grootboom’s touring production and Afrovibes festival highlight, Rhetorical. The audience will also have the opportunity to get up-close and personal during a discussion and Q&A about the forthcoming production.

Collectively Agboluaje, Grootboom and Cross have over fifty years of theatre-making experience and artistic influences from the Caribbean, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa and the UK. Together they are bringing to life a new love story where the actors are singers, musicians and dancers. This Township-style storytelling is combined with poetry from the Horn of Africa and new genres of boundary breaking music from the continent to create a stormy love story in a style that has never been seen before.

Afropolitan Storytelling is a Nitro event part of the Afrovibes Festival 2014 in collaboration with UK Arts International, Stratford Circus and Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Info: Afropolitan Storytelling – Redefining Black Music Theatre is at Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, Stratford, London, E15 1BX on 18 October, 3pm. Free but tickets need to be booked by emailing tickets@nitro.co.uk

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