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04 - 08 Oct
Under a Foreign Sky by Paula B Stanic
Under a Foreign Sky by Paula B Stanic
Under a Foreign Sky by Paula B Stanic
Autumn 2011 will see a fascinating new production by acclaimed theatre company Theatre Centre. UNDER A FOREIGN SKY by Paula B. Stanic follows the fortunes of three young immigrants from the Balkans who have made the journey to Britain for a new start.

Bojan, aged 19 and keen to be the next big chef, is ready to make his mark in a new world. Drina, 14, struggles in a new land, a video camera connecting her to the place she once called home. Twelve year old Ibi arrives and, swallowed up by the city, simply disappears. Very much an issue of the moment, UNDER A FOREIGN SKY casts a compassionate look at what happens to young migrants when they look to start again and the production will reflect the parallel and disparate experiences of these three.

Info: Unicorn Theatre, 147 Tooley Street, London SE1 2HZ | www.unicorntheatre.com

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