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7-9 / 16 Oct
J.A Story the Caribbean musical extravaganza returns to the London stage
J.A Story the Caribbean musical extravaganza returns to the London stage
J.A Story 2011
J.A. Story the Caribbean Musical extravaganza returns to the London stage with a new cast, new songs and new section, Jews of Jamaica. The history of Jamaica musical will also feature the new character of Francis Barber, the Jamaican who helped Samuel Johnson compile his English dictionary. For his efforts he was left Samuel Johnson’s estate. The musical features original songs from mento to Ska, from reggae, world music, gospel and r&b.

The list of characters includes Jamaican National Heroes Nanny, Cojoe, Paul Bogle, and Bob Marley. Also featured is Captain Morgan who became Governor General of Jamaica, Ian Fleming who wrote all his 13 James Bond Novels in Jamaica at his home Golden Eye and Noel Coward. The show includes a vast array of musical styles including the Quadrille, African Dance, Ska, Salsa and modern street dance.

DJ Trevor Nelson said of the show: “I thoroughly enjoyed the show, the music, the dancing, and the story line”.

Info: J.A. Story will be at Stratford Circus theatre on 7-9th Oct | Fairfield Halls, Croydon on 16 Oct | www.jastory.com

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