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30 Sept – 1 Oct
The Decypher Collective presents 8Sixteen32
The Decypher Collective presents 8Sixteen32
The Decypher Collective presents 8Sixteen32
8SIXTEEN32 refers to typical bar lines used in grime: these rhythms permeate the show, which dramatises a 'life of grime' in a series of set pieces [Street, Yard, Club…] capturing the excitement, aspirations, creativity and disillusionment of the scene as its participants each seek to prove their skills and make their name.

The show also examines the way that grime is co-opted by corporate interests which never quite 'get' it…In the show, the 'N81632' is a new state-of-the-art phone the crew all crave – Advertised appropriately using a grime soundtrack.

The young performers combine impressive musicality with a stage presence, comic timing and a general sense of theatre that wouldn't disgrace more seasoned performers, so that the show is a lot more than just an extended sequence of rhymes, but nonetheless maintains the grittiness and essentially improvised feel of the scene.

Address: The Albany, Douglas Way, London SE8

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