Abuelo by Amahra Spence
Ovalhouse Theatre
25-28 Nov, 2015

Abuelo [grandfather] by Amahra Spence, Ovalhouse Theatre Abuelo [grandfather] by Amahra Spence, Ovalhouse Theatre

A 20 something Birmingham native with an identity crisis is on a quest to find herself, through the legacy of her jolly, gambling, allotment-obsessed, storytelling grandfather.

Based on the artist’s own experience as a young black woman with little sense of rootedness, Abuelo looks at the idea of identity and inheritance. How can someone be so undoubtedly sure of himself, despite leaving everything behind at the age of 16, to make a new life in Great Britain? Is there something in the art of storytelling?

Abuelo is an exploration of culture, generations and heritage amidst a story of migration and identity.

Part of the First Bites season at Ovalhouse Theatre

Info: Abuelo by Amahra Spence is at Ovalhouse Theatre from 25-28 Nov, 2015 | Book tickets | Follow Amahra Spence on Twitter

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