21 Nov 2014
New Heritage Theatre & Dkfash. initiative presents ZarasCasket
Written and directed by Damilola K Fashola

Zara's Casket Zara's Casket

The unconventional tale of ZARASCASKET is winner of New Heritage Theatre’s ‘Scratch Nights’ 2014. The prize? The opportunity to bring this haunting tale to life. Zara challenges the whimsical, fairytale-affiliated perception of the ‘Damsel in Distress’ who longs to be rescued by a Prince… of the Charming variety. Not everyone's circumstances are as 'unfortunate' as you or society may believe. Not everyone necessarily wants to be saved. Something that you may find unacceptable or taboo may be the very thing that brings life and purpose to someone else. As we delve into the world of Zarascasket, be prepared to step away from what you may have been force-fed as being acceptable/unacceptable... you may just learn something about yourself.

Enter the lurid world of the Devil's Inn; abode of the not so common whore Zara. A prostitute who knows just what she is! Unashamedly proclaiming this to clients and 'friends' alike. Zara has built her kingdom; the shelves of sin, open to all for the right price. Only to be tracked down by Zachariah, who connects her to the pain of the past, ever adamant to become her salvation. All the while her client list have their own baggage weighing them down expecting nothing but Zara’s, provocative solutions. We see how she eases their burdens in rueful poetry for the mind and body. Will the shelves remain standing or will the burdens see this newly built Kingdom crumble?

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Info: ZarasCasket is at the Paddington Arts Centre, 32 Woodfield Road, London W9 2BE on November 21, 2014 at 7pm | Book tickets

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