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03 – 06 Nov / 10 – 13 Nov
Tales of the Harrow Road, Soho Theatre London
Tales of the Harrow Road
Tales of the Harrow Road
In Tales of the Harrow Road a woman leaves a war-torn land on a quest to find her new home, a girl dreams of singing at The Paradise, and a woman is turned into a Bollywood Cinderella when she receives three marriage proposals, one from a Bangla superstar.

This is Soho Theatre's third community-based project, following the success of Soho Streets and Moonwalking in Chinatown, both of which were led and directed by Suzanne Gorman.

We hope this project will be a real opportunity to give a voice to and tell the stories of underrepresented groups in theatre and the arts.

Organisations that have become involved include: African Women's Group, Moroccan Women's Group, Marylebone Project, Church St Library groups, You Are Not Alone Organisation, Wings of Hope Community Organisation and individuals from other groups have been invited to join the workshops and participate in the project, and the theatre has had a great response from those who have become involved.

Time: 7pm
Address: Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE
Info: www.sohotheatre.com

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