Changed by Dr Elaine Spencer
New Testament Assembly Church, Tooting Bec
15 May 2016

CHANGED by Dr Elaine Spencer CHANGED by Dr Elaine Spencer

Candace Benton is breaking out of her church-box to explore what the world has to offer.

After repeated declines to attend a “meeting” that her friend Natalie keeps raving about, Candace finally decides to attend and quickly finds herself on a soul-searching quest that her new found "love" Eucles the "meeting" leader instigates.

It’s doesn’t take long until Candace begins questioning the pulpit pounding preaching she’s been subjected to and a church she believes has been resistant to change.

Trust God The Stage Play - trailer

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When Natalie stumbles on some critical information about the "meetings", she has a change of heart that she must share with Candace. But when planes are being grounded, people are missing and no one can explain why, it just might be too late.

In a tale of twisting events, last minute decisions and shocking revelations, this stage play will make you think deep and hard, am I ready for Change?

Info: Changed by Dr Elaine Spencer is at New Testament Assembly Church, 7 Beechcroft Road, Tooting Bec, London SW17 7BU on Sunday 15 May 2016, 6.30pm | This is a FREE, ticket only event. To get FREE tickets, join the mailing list at

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Interview with Dr Elaine Spencer

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