28 May – 4 Aug 2012
Bish Bash Bosh Productions presents The Tin Violin

Bish Bash Bosh Productions presents The Tin Violin Bish Bash Bosh Productions presents The Tin Violin

Following a sell-out tour of Cornwall in 2008, Bish Bash Bosh Productions presents a UK Tour of Alan M. Kent’s award-winning play, THE TIN VIOLIN. The true story of Guinean slave Joseph Emidy, who made his way from Africa to Cornwall in the early nineteenth century and became a famous violinist and composer. Alan M. Kent’s play is a thoughtful and moving exploration of creative and cultural identity in a world much larger than ours is today.

Born in Guinea, West Africa in 1775, at the height of European colonialism, Joseph ‘Josh’ Emidy was first captured as a slave by the Portuguese, then kidnapped by the British Navy, serving as a fiddler on The Indefatigable during the French wars. Landing at Falmouth, Cornwall and being presented with a magical tin violin made by an illiterate miner, Emidy became a musical genius of the early nineteenth century. A magical re-imagining of Joseph’s journey, from the oppression of slavery to encounters with mad sailors, the potty queen of Portugal and a chorus of Cornish fishwives, THE TIN VIOLIN is a thoughtful, moving and funny exploration of identity, creativity and belonging.

The cast of THE TIN VIOLIN is Steve Jacobs, Oraine Johnson, Alex Kristoffy, Robin Kristoffy, and Molly Weaver.

Written by Alan M. Kent
Director: Dean Nolan

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