Wedlock Of The Gods By Zulu Sofola
23 - 28 May 2011

Wedlock of the Gods Wedlock of the Gods

Virgo Foundation presents a radically new production of Zulu Sofola's award-winning Wedlock of the Gods, thirty seven years on from the play's acclaimed premiere.

Wedlock of the Gods is a classical piece of African literature that tackles the subject of taboo and arranged marriages within the traditional context of pre colonial Africa. This play is a passionate and ultimately devastating exploration of love, culture, gender politics, superstition and women's rights.

Wedlock of the Gods is a tragic drama that has its roots in the ritual of death and mourning. A young girl is given away in marriage to a man whom she neither knows nor loves. However her parents need the dowry money to cure her very sick brother. When the man dies unexpectedly the young lady is expected to mourn for three months and then following in the custom of lerification to marry her dead husband's brother.

The young woman bewildered by this, rebels in the face of age old custom and tradition. She clings on desperately to the man she has always known and loved, a man she was never allowed to marry. Their relationship is a slap in the face of tradition and one that can only result in dire consequences. However their passion is a torrent of tumultuous love that sets to do battle against age old customs. What would be the consequences of such a defiant act of rebellion? A rebellion that is rooted in a deep and passionate love, a love that ultimately transcends imposed dogma, a love by that by its very nature cannot be of this world and can only be a Wedlock of the Gods.

Zulu Sofola is one of Africa's most foremost female writers. Virgo Foundation, whose remit is the promotion of African culture and heritage has picked this great female literary voice, Zulu Sofola is renowned for giving a voice to the voiceless through the poignant characters in her playwrights; thus advocating human rights, freedom of choice and the empowerment of women at a grassroots level. Commemorating the 100th year anniversary of international women's day on March11th to 25th 2011, which celebrates the struggle & Achievements of Women of the past, present and future, this is an incredibly potent moment in history to introduce the work of Zulu Sofola to a new generation and an international audience.

Wedlock of the Gods had its official European Premiere at the Cochrane Theatre, Holborn on September 18th 2010 to a sold out audience. Due to unprecedented public demand the Virgo Foundation has teamed up with the Cochrane theatre and the Zulu Sofola estate to bring the play once again to the stage for one week only.

Wedlock Of The Gods By Zulu Sofola

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