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4 – 6 Mar
The Island

Catch Zephryn Taitte starring as Winston in Athol Fugard’s The Island.

This will be directed by Ola Ince and is part of the Rose Bruford Directors Showcase.

A note from the director:
The Island is a beautiful piece of theatre that tells the story of two political prisoner's amazing struggle to keep their humanity intact on South Africa’s notorious apartheid- era; Robben Island.

Even though the play was written and set in the 70’s it’s issues are more than relevant today to a universal audience; as themes such as the human spirit, oppression, hope and love are relevant to everyone.

At the core of the production is language. Therefore as director I have focused my attention on serving the text and following the instructions that the playwright has left for me.

This has meant that I have had to be extremely disciplined with punctuation and not imposing ideas on to the text. Instead I have had to really listen to the play and work with what is there.

Furthermore the set of The Island relies on the imagery created by the language; as the set is very simple- a platform representing a cell and all other references to the characters environment coming from the sounds and imagery of the language.”

Address: The Clore studio, Unicorn Theatre 147 Tooley Street, More London, London SE1 2HZ
Info: www.unicorntheatre.com / 020 7645 0560 / boxoffice@unicorntheatre.com

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Afridiziak Theatre News > What's ON in March 2010
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