Coup Fatal
4-6 June 2015
Sadler's Wells

Coup Fatal, Sadlers Wells
Coup Fatal, Sadlers Wells

The ultimate Congolese dance and music party!

A tribute to the sharp dressing sapeurs

Don't miss this rare chance to see Congolese culture brought to life on the Sadler's Wells stage from 4 – 6 June. More than a theatre show, Coup Fatal is a joyous and uplifting celebration with a live gig vibe, inspired by the dandy sapeurs of Kinshasa.

The band of stylish and immaculately dressed musicians, singers and dancers create an exuberant evening of theatricality, flamboyance and diverse musical influences, to contrast the war stricken environment in which they live.

Info: Coup Fatal is at Sadler's Wells from 4-6 June 2015. Book tickets

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