12 June - 5 July 2014
Red Forest

Red Forest Red Forest

Internationally acclaimed, boldly inventive Belarus Free Theatre return to the Young Vic with an urgent new production that weaves together true stories from across the globe where ecology and human life are equally in danger. In their characteristically poetic style, Belarus Free Theatre create a modern-day global epic, with folklore, live music and movement, offering a timely reminder of the vulnerability of all of humankind.

The nuclear disaster of Chernobyl took place almost 30 years ago. Though the accident happened on Ukrainian soil, the United Nations estimates that 70 percent of the total radioactive fallout descended on Belarus, affecting more than 2.2 million people. The affected population have to make one of two choices: to leave their homes and try to build new lives elsewhere, or to stay in the last dictatorship in Europe, where the authoritarian regime commands that there is to be no public discussion of this deadly problem.

From Belarus to Central Africa, through Australia, Brazil and Syria, Red Forest tells real-life stories from people living in war zones, in dictatorships, in unjust and unequal societies across the globe. It is also the story of people who cannot go home - environmental migrants, people displaced by natural disasters. This is an unflinching portrait of the double psychological trauma experienced by people facing the daily realities

Info: Red Forest is at the Young Vic from 12 June to 5 July 2014. Book tickets

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