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03 – 26 Jun
Where the Flowers Grow by Mark Norfolk
Where the Flowers Grow
Where the Flowers Grow
Having recently moved to the suburbs with his wife and teenage son, Vernon Cumberbatch now finds his job under threat as the insurance company he works for is about to be bought out by a rival firm. In the furore of the takeover, one of Vernon's trusted colleagues is made redundant and Vernon offered his job.

Later, however his colleague commits suicide and the guilt surrounding his friend's death spills over into Vernon's own family life when he begins to suspect that his own son has been visiting suicide websites.

As events unfold Vernon is forced to create a virtual online identity in an effort to save his son bringing to the fore hidden details of a past episode linked to his wife's longterm battle with depression. Where The Flowers Grow is an intricate exploration of a contemporary suburban family attempting to survive in a post-modern, technological age.

Cast: Ashley Gerlach; Conrad Peters; Jodyanne Richardson;
Designed by Heike Scharrer
Directed by Jeffrey Kissoon

Info: Warehouse Theatre, Dingwall Road Croydon CR0 2NF | www.warehousetheatre.co.uk

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