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21 June – 10 July
Fixer by Lydia Adetunji
Fixer by Lydia Adetunji image by www.weareasilia.com
Fixer by Lydia Adetunji © by www.weareasilia.com
By Lydia Adetunji, directed Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe
When militants attack a new oil pipeline, British journalists and international spin doctors rush to the scene: everyone wants the inside story. Chuks, a fixer, could make a lot of money by acting as a go-between for foreign journalists and local groups.

But as more players get involved, the stakes get higher and the risks get bigger.

Set in northern Nigeria against a backdrop of global turmoil and corruption, Fixer is a fast-paced drama that asks questions about journalistic integrity, loyalty and the price of human life.

Info: 7.45pm | Oval House Theatre, 52-54, Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW | www.ovalhouse.com

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Afridiziak Theatre News > Whats ON in July 2011 > Fixer
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