She Called Me Mother
Bernie Grant Arts Centre
26 - 28 Jan 2017

She Called Me Mother (c) Richard Davenport She Called Me Mother (c) Richard Davenport

When she gon come? I lookin at de people dem but I can’t see her. She a pretty lookin ting, she does stan’ out amongst these faces dripped in dissatisfaction...

Evangeline is waiting, she has been waiting a long time. She waits for the Black Swan to glide through the station and show her a little warmth and kindness. She waits for a ticket home to Trinidad, the sun, the mango trees, and the street vendors selling curry. She waits for Shirley the daughter she let walk away all those years ago.

I try not to tink about she too much, 'cause de pain dem thoughts bring it like a heard of buffalo runnin wild in a field, an I beneath dem foot.

Will her daughter ever return to her and can she ever forgive the Mother that let her go?

Starring BAFTA and Golden-Globe nominated actress Cathy Tyson, She Called Me Mother is a powerful play about memory and loss written by Michelle Inniss and directed by Cara Nolan.

Info: She Called Me Mother is at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre from 26 - 28 Jan 2017 | Book tickets | Cathy Tyson interview | Michelle Inniss interview | She Called Me Mother - review

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