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04 Dec – 23 Jan
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Join the Unicorn this Christmas as a new version of Beauty and the Beast roars into life. When Bob Brizzlewink loses his job as a merchant, the family is forced to move to the country and survive by growing vegetables. Bob's daughter, Belle, constantly squabbles with her sister and struggles to rein in her fierce temper.

In fact her only friends seem to be the runks - small rodent beasties that love to munch on the juicy cabbages. But when Bob finds himself magically transported to a mysterious castle, and threatened by the terrifying Beast, he's forced to trade his green-fingered daughter for his life.

Will Belle's temper get her into hot water, or will she and the savage Beast be able to tame one another?

Writer Phil Porter (including last year's smash hit Cinderella and 2008's The Flying Machine) returns to the Unicorn with a brand new version of the classic story, containing magic, music, and moments to haunt and delight you in equal measure.

Address: Unicorn Theatre, 147 Tooley Street More London London SE1 2HZ
Info: www.unicorntheatre.com

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