Bunker Theatre
19 Feb - 16 Mar 2019

Boots by Sacha Voit with Jessica Butcher, Bunker Theatre Boots by Sacha Voit with Jessica Butcher, Bunker Theatre

“I always wanted to be a pharmacist because I thought it would give me the chance to do patient care, but in reality I spend more time counting out pills than I do talking to people. I never thought it would be this... Alone.”

When Willow is not providing 'excellent customer service' she talks to Liz, a customer who has a habit of leaving her husband in the utility room. They are from different backgrounds, different generations and seemingly entirely different worlds. But they find something in common: their love of trees… and their loneliness. As the roots of their past entwine, they realise that the time for silence is over.

A funny, heartbreaking adventure through forests, friendship and Femfresh that reveals the loneliness of age and the power of Mother Nature. Boots is a new play about inter-generational friendship and finding your voice among the most unusual of company.

Bring your advantage card.

Cast featuring
Amanda Boxer (Mosquitoes, National Theatre)
Tanya Loretta Dee (One Life Stand, Middle Child)
Written by Sacha Voit with Jessica Butcher
Directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou
Set and costume design by Lia Waber
Lighting design by Jack Weir
Sound design by Chris Drohan

NEED TO KNOW: Boots is at Bunker Theatre from 19 Feb to 16 Mar 2019 / book tickets

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