16 – 20 Feb
A new play by Ashmeed Sohoye

Rigged Rigged: a new play by Ashmeed Sohoye

“I don’t wanna be the hardest man in the smallest town. I want something more.”

Nathan’s got issues. A troubled young man struggling to control his anger, battling with his addiction to fruit machines and in receipt of an ASBO for criminal damage. With each average day dealing him demoralizing blows and demands, Nathan is now forced to make crucial choices and changes, but might just be too angry to face them. ‘Rigged’ is an alarming new play by Ashmeed Sohoye (Theatre Royal Stratford East and Soho Writers’ Centre) who worked closely with and wrote alongside Year 11 students in order to deliver a truer and more vivid representation of the younger generation. The piece tackles such raw and provocative themes as violence, addiction, and familial rivalry, making it a compelling drama that has already captivated both teens and adults alike.

Time: 7.45
Address: Oval House Theatre, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW
Info: www.ovalhouse.com

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