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The African Company Presents Richard III

What happens to a dream deferred?  Do human beings barred from liberty and the pursuit of happiness dare “mounting barbed steeds to fright the souls of fearful adversaries”?  Posing questions of passion and survival Collective Artistes’ next production, The African Company Presents Richard III is a fast moving drama with serious undertones reflecting issues of cultural assimilation in today’s society. Set in New York in 1821 and based on historical events, The African Company Presents Richard III follows two competing theatre companies performing Shakespeare's Richard III.  

The African Company, the first African American theatre troupe in the United States, has announced its production of Richard III.  A rival white producer has imported a renowned English actor for the same role and fears competition from the increasingly popular African Company.  With the aid of trumped up charges (and an easily swayed constable) the rival producer shuts down the African Company’s theatre, inspiring the troupe to move their production right next door to the rival impresario’s theatre.  A mighty clash of wills ensues, and the pitting of passion against societal mores explodes in riots in the streets of New York City.  Members of the African Company fight to overturn the barriers of slavery, race and immigrant status barring them from freedom, at a time when America supposedly welcomed the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Presented by Collective Artistes in association with Makin Projects, The African Company Presents Richard III is written by Carlyle Brown and directed by Chuck Mike.

The African Company Presents Richard III runs from 17 to 21 February, 7.30pm at Greenwich Theatre
Address: Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, London SE10 8ES
Box office: 020 8858 7755 / www.greenwichtheatre.org.uk
Tickets: £18.50, £15.50, £13.50, £9.50 standing (£10.50 students and ROH Access Scheme)

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