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05 / 06 Aug
Missing Millions - Why Are You Still Here
VML Entertainment is proud to bring to London's stage Millions Missing… Why Are You Still Here, a gospel musical by playwright Marcia P. Samuels.
Missing Millions - Why Are You Still Here
Missing Millions - Why Are You Still Here
The musical surrounds the plight of Pastor James Pruitt, who wakes early one morning to find that his wife and teen son are missing. To Pastor Pruitt's shock, he soon learns that in fact, millions of people have mysteriously vanished, and those left behind have no idea, why or where they are.

The edge-of-your-seat tension filled story, introduces the believers, the doubtful, and the frightened, and takes its audience on a rollercoaster ride with six people who are trying to make sense of the loss, the chaos, the fear, and even at times wondering, Why were they left behind?

Then in the second act, the story gloriously burst into the enactment of the event that took place and the question, "Where Have They Gone", is answered. In the midst of this glorious revelation, the audience gets one last birds-eye-view of the six, as they come to the realization of a truth they always knew but never wanted to acknowledge.

High octave singers will bellow out old hymns, such as Nearer My God to Thee, The Lord's Prayer, and original songs written exclusively for the musical.

The talented cast consists of actors and singers from both the USA and UK, such as Patrick Alan, from USA and a member of one of the longest running recording groups, THE DRIFTERS. UK locals include, Lurline Cato, Pearl Jarrett, and Charlene Lowe.

Writer, Marcia P. Samuels, lives in California USA. She is known for her internationally acclaimed gospel musical "Tell Hell I Ain't Comin'

Info: 7.30pm | [ & 2pm on 6 Aug]| The Palace Cathedral, 427 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 6QN | Missing Millions – Why Are You Still Here on Facebook

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