Wild Dog, Tavaziva Dance

Published: Friday, February 26, 2010 | Review by: Victoria Woode |
Wild Dog, Tavaziva Dance Wild Dog, Tavaziva Dance

Wild Dog is a danced based performance about Africa’s most endangered species.

The hour long performance (with a 20 minute interval) features eight dancers. The choreography throughout the show is astounding. I have never seen such intricate use of the human body.

Each individual dancer glided in an animalistic form, true to the title Wild Dog. The movements were strong, passionate and with great variations in levels. Dancers were lifted above the head and swung round like rag dolls but in an impeccable fashion.

The narration is in another language so the story telling is not at all clear vocally unless understand that language. I had to work out the narrative by concentrating on the visuals. The African backing music had a South American influence and aided the audiences’ enjoyment.

The story wasn’t that clear to follow, however key moments could be interpreted for example the portrayal of wild dogs sticking together in packs and protecting one another from rivals and fellow cannibals. Rivalry and competition between the characters would at times come to an almost fatal conclusion within the scene.

I was impressed with the synchronisation within the performance. Certain scenes involved dancing in pairs and physically supporting one another. You could see the strength of the dancers as they skilfully entwined their bodies.

If alternative or contemporary dance is your thing then I would recommend seeing Wild Dog.

The next stop for the Wild Dog tour is the Bernie Grant Arts Centre:
28 February & 1 March
Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Box Office: 0208 365 5450

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