Security at the Battersea Arts Centre
Written and performed by Zena Edwards

Published: November 2008 | Review by: Elvina Quaison |
Security at the Battersea Arts Centre Security at the Battersea Arts Centre

Security is an ambitious production exploring the fragmented yet interlinked nature of living in the melting pot that is London. Zena Edwards, in her one woman show, cuts through seemingly polar differences such as race, age, geography and goes to the core of human experience enabling the audience to see the story of a Palestinian 50-year-old migrant man mirrored in a tragic episode played out in the life of a 16-year-old British Caribbean girl.

No art form that could add to the story has been left out song, poetry, rap, the use of dance movements to aid the smooth transition from character to character all combines to bring wholeness and ease to Security. This production showcases Zena’s talents fantastically. The fluidity of her lyrics, script, embodiment and movement from one character into another makes this production come together and lends an authenticity to Zena’s transformations from one character into the next.

The commitment given to each of her characters brings them to life through their body language, personalities and personal quirks appearing effortless and believable. This was an ambitious endeavor and overall worked well, one not to miss.

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Security is on at the Battersea Arts Centre, until 29 November 2008

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