A new play by Ashmeed Sohoye

Published: Tuesday, February 2, 2010 2:29 PM | Review by: Semper Azeez-Harris |
Rigged Rigged

Life is evidently about the choices we make in life and sometimes a simple word can change the course of your life irrevocably. Rigged written by Ashmeed Sohoye is at its simplest about these choices and the repercussions.

Nathan (Kyle Summercorn) is the crux of the cast being the boyfriend, son and stepson to the three other cast members. His volcanic temper, a product of low self-esteem, has taken him on a course where prison is a distinct possibility. The news from his girlfriend Sarah (Niamh Webb) that he will be a father could be the catalyst for positive change in his life. However, through the course of the play it becomes clear that Nathan and those trying to help him take the correct path are running out of time as he threatens to implode.

Sohoye’s production is intense and bar a couple of quite humorous moments the audience is forced to delve into the anger, loss, hopelessness and despair that is apparent in all of the characters. Sohoye’s experience as a mentor at a comprehensive school is particularly evident in the exploration of the effects of negative social circumstances on peoples’ lives.

A short play but well worth the minimal fee, Rigged leaves you with the important message that people in the majority are not born bad, they are the product of their upbringing which is a simple but significant message.

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Rigged is at the Oval House Theatre from 16 to 20 February, 2010.

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