Do you Know Where Your Daughter Is?
Written by Angie Le Mar

Published: Sunday, November 21, 2009 | Review by: Chloe Thomas |
Do you Know Where Your Daughter Is? Do you Know Where Your Daughter Is? By Angie Le Mar

Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is? is a morality tale, containing elements of sex, peer pressure, and family feuding which makes for gripping theatre.

The plot is straightforward, nice girl from decent home gets lead astray by school slapper from not so decent home, who is ultimately jealous of the nice girl’s natural advantages and so schemes to lead her astray.

Carla (Sophia Sinclair) who is fast approaching her 18th birthday goes to college and has a gaggle of friends for whom all the playground stereotypes apply. There’s the geeky Teresa who will do anyone’s homework at a moment’s notice, who is slightly overplayed by Tara Brown, although later we do get to hear her beautiful singing voice. To the hard faced bully Mikki (Naomi J Lewis) who machinates Carla’s downfall and somewhere in the middle there’s the kooky Yvette, (Tyler Wyte) an angel in rude girl’s clothing.

Carla’s relationship with her mother, played with convincing matriarchal toughness by Orlessa Altass has become strained as she constantly battles to push out of the nest. Eventually, by default and goaded by the devil’s spawn Mikki, she falls into the arms of bad boy on the block Dwayne (Aaron Fontaine). Dwayne then gets his wicked way, deflowers the girl, dumps the girl then predictably slouches off with his man dem. At the climax (I don’t mean in any orgasmic sense) Carla has her abortion, with her loyal friends at her bedside and through adversity manages to find a reconciliation with her mother which ends with the two of them Reno Cleo-ing into the south London sunset for a Chinese takeaway.

The play’s key theme, that of mother daughter relationships is valuable not only because it’s seldom employed as a dramatic premise, but also because it and the absence of it, sees its distorted reflection in some of the faces of today’s youths. Like many other misguided teenagers, Carla tells her mother she is at her friend’s house when in reality she is in the bad boy’s manor; hence the title Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is? Well do you? Thanks to the trusty Teresa, Carla’s Mum finds out and in the nick of time swoops in to restore order and put her daughter on the road to recovery. You get the impression the real life Carla would have popped out the baby and be doomed to the fate of so many pretty pram faces. Perhaps here Le Mar makes the point that only certain people have access to such middle class solutions as abortion.

The dialogue is sharp and well scripted, Le Mar is modern and clearly down with today’s bus stop lingo, executed by the dynamic young cast with street slapping brass. Tyler Whyte who plays Yvette is particularly watchable and Sophia Sinclair who plays Carla is also very competent.

Overall, Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is offers an hour of entertainment and a worthy slice of good old fashioned food for thought.

Info: Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is will be back in 2010 - keep checking

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