Gina Yashere , Soho Theatre

Published: Friday, November 19, 2010 8:06 | Review by: Havana Wellings-Longmore |
Gina Yashere , Soho Theatre Gina Yashere, Soho Theatre

British Nigerian comedy superstar Gina Yashere returns to the UK with an explosive show at Soho Theatre. Gina entertained her audiences with her hilarious tales of her travels aboard displaying her usual amount of wit and off the cuff remarks. What makes Gina such a pleasure to watch is the fluidity of her set and the fact that she can clearly think on her feet and doesn't require strictly scripted jokes and gags. She discussed the new Coalition Government / age affecting the way you are able to use public toilets and even the future, where Gina predicts that people will be able to purchase children from supermarket chains.

Gina's unique outlook on life allows her to comment on a range of social issues and her love of weird and wonderful, random internet stories mean that comedy material is never short.

Gina always interacts and engages her audience which makes each performance different and memorable. Her multicultural audience laughed their way through Gina's explanations of why Black Cabbies don't pick up black people to why without looking she knew that the news story of two people who drowned whilst trying to save their dog couldn't have been any other ethnicity than white.

Although the show was only supposed to be an hour Gina delighted the audience with an extra half hour of side-splitting laughs.

Definitely a comedian in a million, don't miss the chance to watch a master at work. Gina Yashere is a guaranteed good night out.

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