The Price of Kings – Film Two - Shimon Peres

Published: Sunday, June 10, 2012 16:46 | Review by: Amica Anselm |
The Price of Kings – Film Two - Shimon Peres The Price of Kings: Shimon Peres

The Price of Kings Film Two on Shimon Peres is a smooth successive documentary focusing on his personal life and career, following the political sacrifices made by Yasser Arafat in its prequel. The Price of Kings is a 12 part innovative documentary researching the posed question to the political elite ‘What would you sacrifice for what you believe?’

With unprecedented access to his family and closest allies such as Uri Savir chief negotiator for Israel during the secret negotiations which led to the Oslo peace agreement, Uri Avnery peace campaigner, writer, and politician and Mika Peres, Shimon Peres granddaughter who was asserted by him to be a part of this documentary helped to create a unique insight of the president of Israel.

A review of his achievements and failures whilst building the nation of Israel who are still at war is candidly confessed in his own words. Footage of film and images are implemented to give a graphic comprehension to the unfamiliar eye of what the non-combatants around this political period has had to endure. Succinctly this documentary tells a historical story from additional perspectives, not only from those who have spoken- but also for the unheard voices that are relevant today.

With his Polish (Jewish) grandfather being his most looked up to family member whose life was claimed in the holocaust, Peres carried his upbringing close to his heart. When he immigrated to Israel before World War II, the holocaust claimed many lives including his family members back in Poland. This according to Uri Savir is a great insight into Peres: to understand his values as a man are to understand the events of his childhood.

Spirit Level makes the finest claim yet on creating a digestible documentary, exploring the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the 1940s. Although based on war and politics this documentary deciphers through the proofs of Peres long reign as a political leader in a war torn country. Piecing together a life of a now elderly man who was twice Prime Minister, President once and an important family figure - whose greatest importance is his work. Producer Joanna Natasegara and director Richard Symons helped to provide Shimon Peres reign in the Middle East some justice to the outside world.

The Price of Kings: Shimon Peres 15 Second Trailer

Short trailer for The Price of Kings: Film 2 - Shimon Peres. The second film in groundbreaking documentary series The Price of Kings, focusing on the sacrifices of leadership.

Video courtesy of Vimeo

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