The Mistress Contract – review
Royal Court Theatre

Published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 11:15 PM | Review by: Lola Kotey |
Mistress Contract by Abi Morgan [Danny Webb [He], Saskia Reeves [She] image by Manuel Harlan Mistress Contract by Abi Morgan [Danny Webb [He], Saskia Reeves [She] image by Manuel Harlan

Abi Morgan’s The Mistress Contract is a special kind of love story… He and She first met in university then 20 years later they became lovers. She was a feminist and he was her wealthy lover. They entered into a mistress contract with certain terms that they each agreed to meet. I won’t mention the terms because it’s a vital part of the play.

For almost 30 years (1981-2010) they recorded their life together - their conversations from joys to arguments to philosophy and showed with the passing of time that what held them together was much more then a contract with terms and conditions.

It was a pleasure to watch their lives being played out by the actors Saskia Reeves and Danny Webb, who take us on this remarkable tender journey. Webb’s physical transformation from a virile man to an older more fragile and sensitive person is amazing to watch. So is Reeves’ portrayal of She’s struggle with sexual freedom to empowerment.

This is a play that is worth watching. Top marks.

Info: The Mistress Contract is at the Royal Court Theatre until March 22, 2014 | Book tickets

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