The Snowman – review
Peacock Theatre

Published: Monday, December 8, 2014 9:30 PM | Review by: Lloyd Lewis-Hayter |
The Snowman, Peacock Theatre The Snowman, Peacock Theatre

The adventure truly begins with the coinciding gasp of every child in the audience as the Snowman and James take flight.

Returning to The Peacock Theatre for the 17th year running for it's annual Christmas run, The Snowman also brings together creative team stage director Bill Alexander, choreographer Robert North, designer Rauri Murchison, conductor Jeremy Young and composer and lyricist Howard Blake for a 17th time.

Someone who is brand new to The Snowman's stage however is ten-year-old Thomas Berry playing the world's most famous Snowman creator and companion James. As light's come up on stage, James awakes on a winter's morning, causes mischief running circles around his parents and finally wraps a scarf around the snowman he has created before his mum ushers him back to bed.

As the Snowman comes to life and the audience of children watch with delight as he explores James' home the story starts off slowly. An altercation with the family cat, a ruffle through the family wardrobes, toy box, and fridge plus a lesson on how to work a light switch simultaneously builds the Snowman's relationship with both James and the young audience.

The adventure truly begins with the coinciding gasp of every child in the audience as the Snowman and James take flight. Meeting all of the Snowmen's friends as well as Santa Clause and his reindeer while at the Snowman's party, Jack Frost and an ice princess also make an appearance.

Considering the new characters introduced to this adaptation there is more than enough room for a better variety of female characters. With an audience full of young minds it was disappointing to see even the female snowman characterised with a frilly apron when the only other female characters are housewives or delicate and helpless ballerinas and princesses.

As my three-year-old plus one's first visit to the theatre it is fair to say he was completely mesmerised by the show. With no script, any worries that boredom would soon strike quickly disappeared as the magical music, dance, set and costumes kept him spellbound until the last speck of snow dissolved into his first red velvet chair.

Info: The Snowman is at the Peacock Theatre until January 4, 2015 | Book tickets

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