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Published: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 1:52 PM | Review by: Natalie Twum-Barima |
Skeen the Play Skeen the Play

In a nutshell 'Skeen' is a play about a play. The concept of the play is based on a group of year 11 drama students running through the final rehearsal of a school play that they do not take a particular liking to, particularly as it has been written by an external playwright (unbeknownst to all except the director).

Humour in areas of the play made it enjoyable to watch…

The cast are not fully prepared to perform their play in front of their school and members of the media (including the BBC and The Times) thus adding extra pressure on their final rehearsal. In addition, most of the cast find it hard to relate to the characters they are playing and to the overall concept script. This is mainly due to there being an argument, between the cast and the director, about the play writer (a Caucasian woman) basing the play on stereotypical characters from ethnic backgrounds e.g. 'players', 'skets'. The play then ends with the school play being cancelled, the cast confronting the playwright with their views on the play and one character revealing that they can unfortunately liken themselves to their character''

In terms of feedback on the play itself, it was not clear at times when the characters were playing 'themselves' or when they were playing the characters of those in their school play. In addition, the articulation of words at times made it hard to understand the story. However, when this was not the case the characters became believable and humour in areas of the play made it enjoyable to watch.

Info: Skeen was at the Lost Theatre from 27 – 29 November 2013

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