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British Red Cross and Art Against Knives join forces to launch #artsforfirstaid campaign

Published: Friday, May 2, 2014 3:57 PM
British Red Cross and Art Against Knives Campaign British Red Cross and Art Against Knives Campaign

The campaign includes a series of animated films to share life-saving first aid skills for use when faced with a knife attack.

Last year 3,849 people attended A&E following an assault with a sharp object and these short films tell just three of these real-life stories in the young Londoners’ own words.

Chanel was out in Dalston one day with a group of friends and came face-to-face with a group of guys. What followed was an unprovoked attack in the middle of the pavement. Not realising he’d been stabbed, Chanel’s friend started to feel sick. She spotted blood, and as she undid his jacket she uncovered a bleeding wound. Reacting quickly, Chanel laid him down, taking her hoody off to apply pressure to the wound.

Chanel says of the experience: “I remember loads of people started crowding around and I could see that he was panicking. So I called over one of the girls and asked her to sit with him and put his head in her lap. I explained to the ambulance that I was putting pressure on the wound and keeping him calm.”

Chanel’s friend recalls how her reaction to the situation was the only thing that stopped him blacking out.

Could you save a life with a hoody?

Real-life stories from three young Londoners have been made into a new animated film to help share life-saving first aid for knife attacks. Courtesy of

The first aid is simple. Apply pressure to the bleeding wound and call 999. Keep the pressure on as you wait for help. It could save someone's life.

A spokesperson for the British Red Cross, said: “Young people are potentially going to be the first person there to help in the event of a knife attack, and they may find themselves dealing with potentially life-threatening injuries. This film gives young people the first aid knowledge and also the empowerment, the confidence, to know what to do.”

Art Against Knives was created following the unprovoked stabbing of art student Oliver Hemsley, a 21-year-old art student. The organisation now works with at-risk young people living in areas of London affected by knife crime.

ART AGAINST KNIVES said the following about their partnership in the project:

“Whilst we recognise that there is still a lot of work to be done in addressing the root causes of violent crime, it is vital that the young people affected have the skills that they need to help protect themselves and their friends, and ultimately save lives.”

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