March 22, 2013
Support a child’s education through Tebbs SC – the spirit of giving

Published: Friday, March 22, 2013 4:36 PM

This year Tebbs Second Chances [Tebbs SC] celebrates its fifth year of distributing stationery to disadvantaged school children in West Africa. Since it was founded by Fiona Luke, Tebbs SC has distributed stationery, reading books and computer equipment to over 4,000 children in seven schools in The Gambia and Sierra Leone. The small team of volunteers never tell the school that they are coming along – they just turn up at the end of the school day [to cause less disruption] and make sure each child goes home with a stationery pack.


TEBBS SC 2013 back of flyer TEBBS SC 2013 back of flyer
TEBBS SC 2013 frontof flyer TEBBS SC 2013 front of flyer

In April 2013 the Tebbs SC stationery drive will be for the SAYO Elementary Primary School in Freetown, Sierra Leone. This year the stationery drive also includes visiting two previous schools and donating school books they have been given from St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School.

Fiona Luke, founder, Tebbs Second Chances said: “This is our fifth Year of distribution and we are back to gift over 300 kids in Sierra Leone in April 2013. We are grateful to every single person who gives without fail year in year out and we continue to ask people to donate money to buy these essential stationery packs. It’s great to know that people want to make a difference to other people’s lives. I know that the work we do does not directly affect our donors and sponsors lives, but we thank you for all your help, as without it we cannot do the work that we do.”

How you can donate to the 2013 campaign

  • Kids Corner in conjunction with Tebbs SC have put together a stationery pack which will provide a child with all the essentials they need to attend school. These packs provide the child with enough stationery to last them a year, and will enable them to attend classes. Each pack costs just £2.40 and includes 3 pens, 3 pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, pack of colouring pencils, ruler and 3 exercise books. Email or phone 01702 545 154 or online
  • Or you can donate via PayPal:
  • Or you can donate pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, exercise books, sharpeners, crayons, chalk, blackboard dusters, plasticine, school bags, computer equipment or reading books independently

Web: | Email: | Phone: 07506 770 698 | Facebook: | Twitter:

Sponsors and Partners

Note to editors:

  1. For press enquiries – interview with Fiona Luke, founder, Tebbs Second Changes, logos and images from previous stationery distribution drives, please contact Sophia A Jackson on or call 07855 86 77 78.
  2. TEBBS SC offers a helping hand to people who are less fortunate. The ordinary people who are trying to achieve the extraordinary by building their community, whether by schooling children in their homes or in a traditional school environment, but who cannot survive due to the economic climate of the country in which they live.

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