Something Happening For Kids Festival 2015
The Place
18 July 2015

Something Happening For Kids Festival 2015, The Place Something Happening For Kids Festival 2015, The Place

A fun day discovering different kinds of dance for families

This year the programme includes activities that you can bring your very little ones to including baby salsa with Edurne Goldaracena and Baby Yoga with Anouska Anderson. For the slightly older ones storyteller Charlie brings Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream to life, Doodle Dance is a chance to get drawing and storytelling with Tom Roden and Anna Williams, improvise with Rick Nodine, get on your belly for some Floor Swimming with Hagit Yakira, or try hip hop with Mickael Marso Riviere, or contemporary circus with Clement Dazin.

There are two dance shows that are repeated at different times in the day. Meeting Mr Boom! explores a magical bouncy inflatable land (for ages 0-6 years), and Bouncing Cats and The Boom Boom Pups is an immersive, high-energy and fun packed adventure set within a purpose-built graffiti installation that brings to life an original children’s story interwoven with freestyle hip-hop (for ages 4-10).

The Place has a free buggy park on the day of the event along with fully accessible changing facilities and water fountains. The café is open to all and offers a reasonably priced, tasty menu for kids and adults, but you are also welcome to bring your food and drinks and enjoy the ambience of the space.


SHOW: Bouncing Cats and The Boom Boom Pups (4-10 years)
Sat 18 Jul, 11am, 1pm & 3pm. £8 or £28 for a group of four. Duration: 60 minutes
Journey into the world of AnimaLand where beatbox, rap and graffiti come together. This immersive, high-energy performance features spoken-word artist Maxwell Golden and graffiti artist Mr Dane. Set within a purpose-built graffiti installation, an original children's book is brought to life and interwoven with freestyle hip-hop improvisation. The Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups need your help as they navigate AnimaLand so audience beatboxing and participation is required.

SHOW: Meeting Mr Boom (0-6 years)
Sat 18 Jul, 12noon & 2pm. £8 or £28 for a group of four. Duration: 60 minutes. (40 mins show, 20 mins play on the bouncy castle stage)
An out of this world new live music and dance show that will inflate before your eyes taking you on a journey of discovery, creating a new world but who knows what we might find in this magical bouncy land? A fun filled show for all the family performed on an inflatable set that explores how we build relationships and overcome challenges as we adapt to changes in life.

ACTIVITY: Baby Salsa with Edurne Goldaracena (6 weeks-8 months)
Sat 18 Jul, 11am & 12noon. £3. Duration: 45 minutes
From a very early age, we are able to appreciate and identify with music. Rhythm is an amazing feeling that makes us happy and energized. Baby Salsa offers you and your baby an exciting experience of Latin American Dance, to share a fun moment together, to introduce your child to the benefits of dance and to help you keep fit!

ACTIVITY: Baby Yoga with Anouska Anderson (8 weeks-8 months)
Sat 18 Jul, 11am & 2pm. £3. Duration: 45 minutes
Baby yoga is a fantastic way to both relax and get your body moving. The class is open to parents or carers with babies aged 6 weeks to 8 months and will help you stretch out your back and shoulders whilst gently revitalizing your core. Mums, dads and carers come and join us on the mat. (Please wait 6 weeks after giving birth or 8 weeks after a C-section and check with your GP that you are ready for class)

ACTIVITY: Doodle Dance with Tom Roden and Anna Williams (3+)
Sat 18 Jul, 11am, 1pm & 3pm. £3. Duration: 45 minutes
Grab a pen and kick off your shoes for this fun, playful workshop that will get the whole family drawing, dancing, doodling and story-telling together. Help turn a giant piece of paper into a delightfully anarchic world populated by crazy birds, dancing pirates, and a man who speaks in bubbles. Join award-winning performers Anna Williams (Russell Maliphant, La Ribot) and Tom Roden (New Art Club) for this inventive experience that asks 'can you dance a scribble, or draw sneeze?'

ACTIVITY: Floor swimming with Hagit Yakira (5+)
Sat 18 Jul, 11am, 12noon & 2pm. £3. Duration: 45 minutes
Jump, crawl, dance and dance some more in this family workshop with Hagit Yakira.
This movement-based activity is inspired by Hagit's latest piece ‘ the middle with you’ and offers moments of playfulness and beauty.

ACTIVITY: Hip hop kids with Mickael Marso Riviere (5+)
Sat 18 Jul, 11am & 12noon. £3. Duration: 50 minutes
Mickael Marso Riviere (Marso) is founder of Company Decalage, Bboy's Attic and fromMarz1.4 Photography. Marso's style is rooted to his passion of Breakin' blended with other disciplines including ballet, modern dance, capoeira, circus and streetdance styles.

ACTIVITY: Improvisation with Rick Nodine (2+)
Sat 18 Jul, 12noon, 1pm & 3pm. £3. Duration: 45 minutes
Move and be moved by your children. Literally! This activity provides simple and fun tools for children and adults to move one another. How many kids does it take to pick up an adult?
Can children fly? What is body surfing? Come find out…

ACTIVITY: Circus, hip hop and dance with Clement Dazin (5+)
Sat 18 Jul, 12noon, 1pm & 3pm. £3. Duration: 45 minutes
Clement shares his unique choreographic style combining contemporary dance and hip hop. Step in the studio to watch and try out some of his movement and have lots of fun with the family finding your inner circus performer.

ACTIVITY: A Midsummer Night's Dream (0-5 years)
Sat 18 Jul, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm. £3. Duration: 20 minutes
The enchanting tale of magic and mix-ups, fairies and fools in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night's Dream is brought to life by Charlie, our storyteller.

Info: Something Happening For Kids takes place on Saturday, July 18 from 11am to 4pm at The Place, 17 Duke's Road, London WC1H 9PY | Book tickets

What to wear

Something Happening for Kids is a day fun-packed with dance and physical activities. We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing.


  • Meeting Mr Boom! and Bouncing Cats and the Boom Boom Pups cost £8 per person, or £28 for a group of four.
  • Each activity costs £3 per person.
  • Children under 2 years go free (please book their spaces at checkout)
  • All drop-in activities on the day are free

How to get there

The Place is located just off Euston Road in Central London with an entrance on Duke's Road and on Flaxman Terrace.

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